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My association with the Mutual Fund (MF) Industry spans for more than 20 years. During the stint, I have gained valuable experience and indepth knowledge about the Mutual Fund industry. My forte lies in sales and in my earlier employment I have successfully handled portfolios at key positions levels;

  • Branch Manager
  • Regional Head
  • National Head- Institutional Sales
  • Head Alternate Channel

My result oriented approach and “Can-Do” attitude has earned me various accolades and appreciation in all the positions that I held.

I have , during these 2 decades, observed a lots of developments in the Industry. I have experienced almost 3 cycles of ups and downs in the Stock Market. I want to share my valuable experiences with investors which will help in their financial planning.

In the last few years MF Industry has grown really fast. Inspite of the significant growth, it is observed that the investor base in India remains low as compared to that of developed countries. This is mainly due to lack of adequate investor education and awareness about Mutual Funds as an asset avenue for investment. Statistics show that , with a population of 135 Crore in India, so far only 6 Crore investors have taken the advantage of mutual fund products, out of which only 1.5 Crore investors have active S.I.P.s.

We have started this venture to reach out to a maximum number of retail investors, bring about awareness about Mutual Funds as a tool to help them achieve their financial goals and wealth creation. We also intend to popularise Term Insurance and Health Insurance, in addition to Mutual Funds, as tools for financial planning.

Systematic Investment Plan (S.I.P.) in equity mutual fund is the key to create wealth over a long term. Our goal is to generate 50000 SIPs in the next 7 years. This goal will be accomplished with proper hand holding with our prospective clients in their financial planning.

We wish to reach out to maximum number of people, for which we have posted a lot of useful information on our website, about various Asset class and Risk Cover products. We will be regularly posting informative and educational videos on our website, sharing knowledge and experienced that I have acquired during the last 2 decades. We also intend to conduct training sessions for youngsters to create awareness on Mutual Funds. This will also help them start their own career in the financial market.

Wishing You All a Happy and Healthy Investing !!!!!

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